Baltic Amber

It is believed that amber has healing qualities – it can relieve pain and lower stress levels. For example, we produce teething necklaces for infants which are completely safe and comfortable to wear. Most of the world’s amber originates in the Baltic region. Baltic amber is the fossilized resin of trees, and 45 million years ago this resin oozed out of trees to heal a damaged branch or trunk. It’s believed that the resin has healing properties. People first traded in amber long ago, and from the first to the third centuries an Amber Road connected Europe to Asia.   


Variety of sizes & shapes

from nature, amber can be found in lots of different shapes and sizes. 

A range of colors 

amber can be found in different colors, depending on its age and the location where it was found. Amber can be in varying shades of yellow, orange, red, white, brown, green, even “black”. 

Sustainable design & materials

amber is a long-lasting material and does not harm the environment.

Unique & different 

because amber is a natural material, every single piece is different and every accessory we make is unique.