About Us

We are a family run amber jewellery company from Lithuania with long traditions of amber manufacturing. In 2010, we’ve established an office in China and in 2020 we’ve opened a branch in Poland and in the UK.

Our products vary from simple earrings, necklaces and bracelets of natural gemstones to more sophisticated designs that are processed using the latest technologies. We differentiate our products by combining amber with other materials such as silver or gold. All of our jewellery is unique and made of 100% Natural Baltic Amber.

During our live stream shows on Facebook (FB.com/AmberFromNida) you can see in person all the beautiful amber and select it by yourself. It will be shipped directly to you free of charge!

Babies collection is designed for infants and includes options of baby necklaces and bracelets. Amber is advantageous for teething children because it contains succinct acid which is a natural healing chemical. When amber is being rubbed to the body it gets warmer and the healing properties of amber are being released. It is believed that amber jewelry helps to relieve pain and stress for children and mothers. Necklaces and bracelets for babies are beaded individually for safety purposes.

Pets collection includes beautiful collars for cats or dogs which vary in size, so the best match for your pets can be found. Baltic Amber Pet Necklaces are natural, safe and non-toxic. In spite of its beautiful look Amber Collars have natural properties which are beneficial for pet's health. Amber Collars hold particular smell and electrostatic features which deter ticks and fleas. Though people cannot sense any specific smell of Amber, it is not appealing for parasites. Additionally, as pets tend to move a lot, collars naturally rub into fur and generates small amount of electricity which makes very difficult for fleas and ticks to stay on pet's fur and body. Natural odor becomes more intense when beads warm up, so the longer your pet is wearing the collar, the level of protection increases. Most importantly, the collars are entirely natural, do not contain any chemical additives and are completely safe for your pets. It is advised not to take off the collar except when grooming or bathing your pet. Also, Amber Pet Necklace should not be used as walking collar. With proper use and care collars will continue to work as long as the necklace lasts. In our collection all the products are unique, handmade and made of 100% natural Baltic Amber.

Black collection is created from recycled amber, without any supplements or chemical additives. The accessory is delicate and fits elegant styles as well as sportswear. The bracelets are unisex but we can offer different sizes for men and women. Currently, we produce black bracelets which also has an additional piece of bead which makes that bracelet unique and different. You can choose that particular detail to be cupper cube covered with gold which makes the bracelet look more elegant or it could be round amber bead which keeps the natural amber look and sense.